Sylvia van Can: translator and transcreator English/German - Dutch


We offer Dutch translation services in any language combination. Due to years of experience, we know exactly how and who should perform a Dutch translation assignment, however extensive or complicated this assignment may be.

I also personally translate professionally from English/German into Dutch and I deliver most of the translations in this language pair myself. My activities are based on various language and marketing directed training programs and on years of translation experience. A number of world-class customers, e.g. a well-known American television station, now form part of my group of steady customers. I make a lot of marketing translations and transcreations, but I can also provide services for translations for other branches.

As we are working together in a team with other freelance translators, your order can nearly always be placed and performed immediately. Any questions or remarks after the translation has been completed are welcome as we strive to completely satisfy our customers.

What makes us special

We like to promote a healthy working atmosphere. This is not only demonstrated by the way we work: on an office bike and standing. In addition we ensure a pleasant working atmosphere with a team of freelance translators, which is based on mutual trust, as we are all aiming for an excellent translation product. As we have a translation office at home, we can also provide you with a very attractive translation rate. No expensive office or additional employees who increase the translation costs.  Just a fair and honest translation product.